The highly public personal beef between LeAnn Rimes and 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Brandi Glanville is a media circus at this point, due to the fact that Rimes had an affair with (and eventually married) Glanville's then-husband Eddie Cibrian. Glanville continues to add fuel to the fire, this time attacking Rimes professionally, calling the songs on her new album the worst she's ever heard.

The confessional songs on 'Spitfire' were inspired by the Rimes-Cibrian affair, so they likely strike a nerve for Glanville. While Glanville complimented Rimes on her "great voice," she twisted the knife and criticized her song craft.

"She needs to work on her songwriting… She’s not going to win any fans by writing a song about breaking up a family," Glanville said. "It’s old news -- no one wants to hear you cry over getting everything you wanted."

Cibrian's ex-wife further specifically referenced the song 'Borrowed,' which contains the following lyric: "I know you’re not mine, only borrowed / Cause you already belong to her, at least, you said so / But I’m starting to believe it ain’t the whole truth."

That sentiment incensed the reality show star, who offered a little advice on how her nemesis should proceed if she wants to gain more success in her field. "If LeAnn wants her career back, she needs better lyrics," Glanville -- who even stated she was surprised at how bad the album is -- suggested. "These are the worst songs I’ve ever heard. No one wants to listen to this!"

How good or bad Rimes' new songs are will rest in the court of public opinion. It's up for her fans to decide. Glanville is biased given their history, but she clearly isn't enjoying the tunes.

LeAnn Rimes' 'Spitfire' album comes out June 4.