Texas native Brandon Rhyder took the lyrics "Are coming back to go another round / How many times can we dance this dance?" and ran with them, incorporating an emotionally-charged dance performance in his new 'Leave' music video. The clip is debting exclusively on Taste of Country.

Rhyder, however, isn't the one doing the dancing. The 'Leave' video begins with him sitting on a chair onstage, and as he sings, the footage cuts to a couple performing a deeply moving dance, complete with lifts, expression and beautiful imagery.

The clip is a reflection of the evolution of the man and the artist -- a transition from smoke-filled bars to intimate theaters full of intent listeners -- and while it's different from most country music videos, it depicts the raw lyrics of 'Leave' perfectly.

Rhyder has proven to be a timeless artist since his debut in country music eight albums ago. He's had four No. 1 singles on the Texas Music Chart and continues to push boundaries in fresh and exciting ways, as demonstrated through his album 'That's Just Me.'

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