Aspiring country singer Brandy Hotard sang the Travis Tritt classic 'Anymore' on 'American Idol' Wednesday night (Feb. 20), but didn't quite deliver when the pressure was on.

The Louisiana native suffered pitch problems throughout the performance, mostly deriving from her song choice. By moving the song -- originally sung in a key fit for a male -- to a different key, she created a problem for herself in that the verses were pitched too low for her range, while the rise in the chorus was too high. She tried mightily to overcome it by singing with a lot of power, but the judges seemed unmoved by her performance.

Keith Urban said, "Your voice is really, really good," but called Hotard out for her "emotional connection inconsistency."

Nicki Minaj was more direct. "That was a pageant performance of a song, and it did not feel real," she said flatly.

Randy Jackson concurred, saying, "Who am I really looking at?"

Mariah Carey also agreed, observing, "I have seen you more emotionally connected." Still, she said she enjoyed Hotard's voice overall. "I would love to see you do an album of classics."

Hotard did not make the cut for the next round of 'American Idol.'

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