Brantley Gilbert has never been divorced, but he knows what it’s like to have a very public breakup with another famous country music singer. On Monday Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce, and the “One Hell of an Amen” singer says he is praying for them.

“I think it’s all in the way you handle it,” Gilbert tells K92.3 morning show hosts AJ & Ashley when asked if being famous makes things even more complicated. “When everybody does make it their business it becomes more of a breaking news story than the hard situation that it is.”

In August 2013 Gilbert and his then-fiancee, Jana Kramer, split after a year-long relationship. There was not quite as much tabloid scrutiny and rumor-starting then, but it’s clear he knows how quickly it can begin to feel like people are losing perspective on the heartache that accompanies breaking up.

“My heart goes out to them, because I’ve never heard of a divorce that wasn’t hard,” Gilbert says before adding that both have always been kind to him. These days he's on the other end of the spectrum. Last month he married Amber Cochran, and the two are still very much in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. He told the radio team what they got each other as wedding gifts. He got her a new Jeep, while she got Gilbert a Barrett. 50 caliber semi-automatic.

"It's a bad ass gun," Gilbert says. "We're gonna blow some stuff up with that one."

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