Entertaining our troops overseas, was something Bob Hope started doing back in World War Two.   Many of the soldiers in the audience were barely out of high school.  It’s still that way today.  Young people continue to sign up to preserve our freedom.  That is why is it so refreshing to see today’s young singers and comedians going overseas to entertain our troops.

Brantley Gilbert just returned from his first USO tour, he was so affected by it,  as soon as he got back, he co-wrote a song called “One Hell of an Amen”.  The inspiration comes from the death of a soldier who was killed in Iraq.   Brantley says that the song also was inspired by the loss of a friend who died of cancer.

Brantley put the demo of  “One Hell Of An Amen”  online and you can hear it right here.   Read his comments too, apparently, we are getting this preview without permission so SHHH!!!