There's only eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad' left to go, and we're dying to know what's going to happen in the show's final hours, but yesterday's teaser and poster offered precious little insight into what will happen to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The show returns on August 11, but will 'Breaking Bad' deliver a conclusive ending, or leave viewers as conflicted as 'The Sopranos' did?

Thankfully, showrunner and series creator Vince Gilligan assured USA Today that 'Breaking Bad' wouldn't leave any ambiguity in its ultimate ending, striving for perfection as "my big fear was I would wake up one day two years from now or five years from now saying, 'Oh my god, I just realized how we should have ended it.'"

Instead, Gilligan promised to deliver definitive closure in the 'Breaking Bad' finale, unlike that of frequent comparison model 'The Sopranos,' saying:

There's not much in the way of ambiguity with this ending. People won't be left scratching their chins and saying, 'I wonder what's happening here.' It doesn't have to be happy or sad or anywhere in between. What mattered most to us was that the ending satisfy.

Gilligan and AMC have thus far kept the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad' tightly under wraps, but what say you? Will the final installments prove as bloody as HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' or will Walter White end things on his own terms? Give us your predictions for the final episodes in the comments!