Aaron Paul may play addict-turned-cook-turned-bad in "Breaking Bad", but that doesn't stop him from being just another cool guy.  This video shows that Aaron is just one of the guys, and he's a guy you could see in your own neighborhood.

I can't wait for the final half-season of "Breaking Bad".  I've become addicted (so to speak) to this show about Walter White's infamous blue ice.  The new season starts August 11th, so it's time for me to catch up on the final episodes that haven't come out on Netflix yet.

This video seems to be shot by some Irish tourists in LA.  Check out Aaron's reaction to seeing a tourist bus parked outside his house.  Does he give a butt-whoopin' worthy of TMZ?  Nope... he chats them up like they're old high school buddies.  Dude's cool in my book... and after all, that's the book that truly matters.