Astronaut Scott Kelly has been in space for 285 consecutive days, but he's no stranger to Twitter. Beginning is year-long mission in March, 2015, he's been taking and tweeting amazing photos from his perspective high in the sky of the home we call Earth. On day 283, his #YearInSpace campaign, stationed on the International Space Station (ISS) caught a shot of Texas just as the sun was stretching over the horizon.

The Year Long Mission on the ISS is a research project that will study both Kelly and flight partner Mikhail Korniyenko's physical and psychological health effects from long term spaceflight. So far from what you can see on his social media account, he clearly misses home, compelling him to share these beautiful photos of our planet.

Kornienko, who was on a previous expedition said:

The thing you miss there most of all is the Earth itself, I missed smells. I missed trees, I even dreamt of them. I even hallucinated. I thought I smelled a real fire and something being barbecued on it! I ended up putting pictures of trees on the walls to cheer up. You do miss the Earth there.

Kelly holds the United States record for most days spent in space cumulatively with 462 and counting.