Brett Eldredge fans know the singer's love of Frank Sinatra runs deep. For the last couple of years, Eldredge has performed an entire show of Sinatra covers, for charity, around the holidays, and in a newly released video, fans can see one of his performances.

Press play above to watch the artist croon Sinatra's "Come Rain or Come Shine" at Skull's Rainbow Room in Nashville's Printer's Alley. The song, published in 1946 for the musical St. Louis Woman, was an in-concert favorite of Sinatra's. He included the tune on 1962's Sinatra and Strings and re-recorded it as a duet with Gloria Estefan for 1993's Duets.

“I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, riding in the car with my grandpa, and I was just intrigued by it,” Eldredge tells The Boot. “I was able to sound like an older guy at the age of 14. I got noticed for that, and when I went to college in Chicago, [I] got connected with [a] jazz band. I got in with the Bill Pollack Orchestra, where I sang Sinatra stuff and old rock stuff. It was a pretty big deal.”

There's a sophisticated, old-school air about Eldredge's performance, which he gives while looking dapper in a black suit and bowtie. He's backed by a small band, but the true star of the show are his vocals at the very end.

Eldredge recently released "Drunk on Your Love," the second single from his sophomore album, Illinois. This summer, he will be hitting the road with Keith Urban and Maren Morris.

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