Brett Young has released the music video for his latest single, "Like I Loved You." The video was filmed in southern California, both in a $23 million mansion overlooking the Hollywood Hills and in a nearby dimly-lit bar. For Young, it was important to him that the video closely mirrored the song's message.

"With the last video ["In Case You Didn't Know"], we didn’t tell a story in the video. We let the story be the song," Young shared with The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "I wanted this one to more follow the storyline -- so you kind of see me going through a breakup, dealing with it. It’s just focused in two spaces: It’s in that one home up in the hills, with views of the city, and very dark and gray, and then a very small, little, dark -- it’s not smoky, but it almost feels like one of those bars that would be dark, smoky, old.

"It just follows the storyline to a T," he adds, "because I think the concept of having somebody break your heart and having the audacity to say, ‘I really hope we can still be friends,’ I think that’s something that everybody’s familiar with."

Although Young is the star of his "Like I Loved You" video and was born and raised near Los Angeles, he admits that acting in music videos is one of the more challenging aspects of his career.

"I’m a terrible actor. I don’t like doing things I’m not comfortable doing, so that’s why you’ll never see me dance," explains Young. "It’s a lot of takes to get an expression on my face. We’ll get it, but it’s a lot of work. I was always the one playing music when all my friends were acting. It’s always been a skill set I’ve been jealous of."

Still, filming the video for "Like I Loved You" was a bit of a full-circle moment for Young. Directed by Phillip Lopez, the clip reunited Young with one of the early influencers of his career. Lopez directed Young's very first music video, more than a decade ago.

"I always wanted to throw his name back in the hat, and we did this time, and his treatment was just absolutely our favorite, and he’s so good with visuals," Young gushes. "I’m excited about it. I think it turned out really cool."

"Like I Loved You" is available for download on iTunes.

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