Baylor Scott and White hosted a blood drive in Gatesville on Friday to help restock the supply at Coryell Memorial Hospital after last weeks explosion. The hospital was running very low after treating victims of the boiler explosion that happened last week.

The blood drive was met with such a great response the hours had to be extended to accommodate all the members of the community who wanted to help. This is another example of the great communities that are part of Central Texas. Gatesville Resident Clayton Floyd told KXXV tv,

I believe this community always kind of rallies behind when we have some tragic events and stuff of that nature, and regardless of what it's gonna be used for I know that it's going to help somebody out. So, when I was in town and I actually had the time to come up today, I wanted to make sure and do that.

BS&W played a hand in assisting those injured after the explosion with blood and plasma. To find out when the next blood drive will take place for our community click here.  

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