And by that, I mean Coffee…not beer. This isn’t the first time the Beaver has been rated the "Best in Texas". According to GasBuddy, this is the third year in a row that Buc-ee’s has taken Best Coffee honors.

I can’t weigh in on this one. I’ve never tasted the Buc-ee’s Brew. I’m a QT chick. Don’t hate! QT’s Pizza RAWKS!

I guess the title is legit. In their “in depth coffee analysis”, GasBuddy relied on more than 2 million user reviews from more than 150,000 retail locations where gas is sold.

Tasha's Coffee Collection at Work
Tasha's Coffee Collection at Work

I don’t know what questions they asked, but I’ll tell you what I look for in my gas station coffee. Pink. Blue. Yellow. And dry, non-dairy creamer. I want all three types of sweetener and non-dairy, room temperature creamer. If I want cold coffee, I’ll put ice in it, ok? And DON’T EVEN try to sell coffee with only packets of sugar. You do not want to suffer the wrath of a coffee craving, Tasha.

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