Have you ever won a prize that you forgot you signed up for? It's kind of a nice surprise!

That's kind of what happened in south Texas when Leandra Ruiz signed up online for a chance to win a front door home delivery from Budweiser and the famous Clydesdale horses.

Leandra signed up several weeks ago, but decided with the beginning ofLent she would give up drinking beer. Of course, that's when Budweiser called and informed her she was the winner of their home delivery sweepstakes. That's just too funny.

Leandra is 35-years-old and had a handful of friends and neighbors on hand to watch the Clydesdales arrive in front of her home. The carriage drivers from Budweiser even gave Leandra a ride around the block with the horses before awarding her a case of beer.

The Clydesdales recently made a stop in south Texas as BorderFest Celebration in Hidalgo, then made the trip over to see Leandra. The Galveston County Daily News reported the horses trip to the town of Harlingen, Texas to make the delivery.

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