The far right group known as the Proud Boys have been declared a terrorist organization by the Canadian government.

According to a press release from Public Safety Canada, 13 new groups have been placed on the Criminal Code list of terrorist entities, including the Proud Boys.

“Violent acts of terrorism have no place in Canadian society or abroad. Today's additions to the Criminal Code list of terrorist entities are an important step in our effort to combat violent extremism in all forms. Canadians expect their Government to keep them safe and to keep pace with evolving threats and global trends, such as the growing threat of ideologically motivated violent extremism. The Government of Canada will continue to take appropriate actions to counter terrorist threats to Canada, its citizens and its interests around the world.”

- The Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Gavin McInnes, a Canadian and co-founder of Vice Media, founded the group in 2016 during the U.S. presidential election. The group is largely based on far right and white supremacist beliefs, and has been labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group only allows males to join, and members refer to themselves as "Western chauvinists."

The group's name is a reference to a song cut from Disney's animated film Aladdin, which McInnes seems to be ironically obsessed with and is one of several elements the group often uses to cloak their activities in an air of "humor".

A description of the terrorist entity by the Canadian government states:

"Members of the group espouse misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, and/or white supremacist ideologies and associate with white supremacist groups."

The Proud Boys helped lead the insurrection that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, along with other far-right supporters. The group is also known to incite violence during peaceful protests, and often targets BLM supporters.

I'm happy to see this group finally labeled appropriately, even if it isn't by the American government. Perhaps the U.S. will follow in Canada's steps and come to the same conclusion.


“Maybe the reason I’m sexist is because women are dumb. No, I’m just kidding, ladies. But you do tend to not thrive in certain areas — like writing.”

- Gavin McInnes, The Gavin McInnes Show, June 28, 2017


Here's to you proud boys, because this woman is not only educated, but planning on writing up every step of the demise of the Proud boys.

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