Carrie Underwood rocks. No, literally. While we are well aware that the singer has a sassy edge and a rock n' roll style at times, she's now officially making an impact on the rock radio genre.

'Can't Stop Lovin' You,' the singer's duet with Aerosmith which appears on their latest album 'Music From Another Dimension,' has been released to rock radio, opening up her up to a whole new audience. She pairs beautifully in the song with singer Steven Tyler, with whom she has a six degrees of separation-type relationship.

Tyler was an 'American Idol' judge for two years, and Underwood got her career liftoff by winning the show several years before he appeared on the program. There's also their 2011 ACMs duet and that CMT 'Crossroads' special last in 2013. Clearly, things work well between Underwood and Tyler, as is especially evident on the new song.

"It's an honor to have my voice included on an Aerosmith record," Underwood said about the track. "I've had a blast working with Steven a number of times in the past, and this was another amazing thing we got to do together."

Hey, if it ain't broke…

It'll certainly be interesting to hear Underwood's voice bellowing out of the speakers when listening to a rock station.

Listen to Carrie Underwood and Aerosmith's 'Can't Stop Lovin' You'