Seeing Carrie Underwood live in concert is a treat in itself. But singing onstage with the country superstar? For 10-year-old Kaitlyn Finn, who is a survivor of liver cancer, it was a dream come true. 

The sweet young girl, who connected with Underwood through the Make-a-Wish Foundation, not only got to attend the show, she was also invited onstage to join the star in singing 'All-American Girl' at the Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival on Friday (Aug. 16).

Finn was completely festive, decked out in a vest, skirt and even a ten-gallon hat as she strutted around onstage, totally at ease in front of thousands of people. Apparently, even Underwood was blown away by her bravery and professionalism.

“That was professional right there. If I was her and I was walking out here at her age in front of this crowd, whoa, I probably would've just stood there,” the 'See You Again' hitmaker admitted to the audience. "That was very impressive."

Finn is an impressive 10-year-old -- she has been through so much at her young age. She was diagnosed with liver cancer at age 3, received a transplant and is now in remission. After overcoming that, the young girl can really overcome anything -- including singing with a Grammy-winning songstress.

Sure, she had some nervous energy upon taking the stage, but the excitement overcame any butterflies. "I like to sing and Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite singers. I'm excited!" she told Albany Democrat-Herald.

It was a night to remember for Finn and an experience she'll probably cherish for the rest of her life. Underwood gave another special shoutout to her new friend on Twitter, saying, "Fun times in Oregon! Thanks to all who came out to have fun tonight! And a special thanks to my duet partner, Kaitlyn! #AllAmericanGirl."

This isn't the first time Underwood has made a wish come true for a heroic cancer survivor. She met one of her mega fans, Hayley Gort, earlier this spring. The singer is truly a 'good girl' for bringing smiles and memories to her inspirational fans.