It's hard to believe it was just nine years ago that we only knew Carrie Underwood as a competitor on a reality show competition.  She could've been the next Puck (Real World, folks), for all we knew.  She's become so much more.

We may not have known exactly what to expect with Carrie's debut album, Some Hearts, but it didn't take long to figure it out.  It would become the top-selling debut album from a female artist in the history of country music.  It only took a few notes from that album and America was hooked.

The album would go on to be the top-selling album in all genres in 2006, in country music in '06 & '07 (first time ever back-to-back), and the top-selling female country album from '05-'07.  It's sold more than 8 million units around the globe, and it spawned nearly a half-dozen #1 hits.

Carrie Underwood is now the sweetheart of country music, but it all started on this date in 2006 when Some Hearts hit #1.