He may be a little young to understand complex musical ideas like key signatures and scales, but Carrie Underwood’s baby boy isn’t too young to try. Isaiah could just be mashing the keys, but who cares? He looks adorable doing it in this pic shared by the “Smoke Break” singer.

It’s the first time anyone has seen a baby pic in months, and while we don’t get to see his face, his back is enough to put a smile on our faces. Can we talk about that outfit? Little man is wearing a plum blazer over his diaper — our research team is still doing research, but we’re pretty sure that’s the look Mozart went with at a young age.

Predictably, Underwood’s fans on Instagram were more than appreciative of the photo, the first she’s shared of Isaiah since a pic of the boy and her hubby Mike Fisher on her tour bus earlier this month. He’s nearing his six-month birthday, and looks to be sitting up with ease. Whether or not he’s playing “Chopsticks” is anyone’s guess.

Underwood's Instagram page has been a good place to hang out in recent weeks. She shared a picture of her new Storyteller album cover there on Tuesday, and video from post-show at the Iowa State Fair earlier this week. Pics of her workouts, dogs, family and breakfast pop up regularly.

Musically, Underwood is working on releasing her next studio album on Oct. 23. Storyteller will feature the lead single "Smoke Break," which was released to radio last week.

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