Carrie Underwood isn't getting much use out of her gift from Miranda Lambert these days. Now that she's expecting, she's put her motorcycle lessons on hold ... until after the baby comes, at least.

After collaborating on 'Somethin' Bad,' Lambert bought her duet partner a beautiful new motorcycle to celebrate. Underwood's hubby, Mike Fisher, even got his wife a small dirt bike to learn on before she hopped on her bigger hog, but now that she's pregnant, she's having to scale back on her wild endeavors.

"The whole pregnancy thing has kind of thrown a monkey wrench into my progress," Underwood tells CMT's Cody Alan. "Mike bought me a little dirt bike to learn how to ride on first because the bike [Lambert bought] is a really big bike. It's kind of serious, so I need some practice, and I was like, 'OK, I guess we'll have to take a timeout on the motorcycle lessons for a while!'"

The "whole pregnancy thing" is changing more than just Underwood's ability to ride a motorcycle. The CMA Awards are rapidly approaching, and the superstar admits that at least one thing is probably going to change this year ... and it's not her.

In previous years, Underwood changed outfits a countless amount of times -- it was like they'd cut for commercial, come back and she'd have made a full wardrobe change -- but she may not have the same speed in 2014.

“I don’t know if I can keep up with those numbers,” she admitted, “just from pure exhaustion.”

Regardless of what she wears, Underwood is sure to look phenomenal, baby bump and all. The 2014 CMA Awards will air live from Nashvile on Nov. 5 on ABC. Underwood will again be hosting alongside Brad Paisley.

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