Carrie Underwood has lots of dark, heavy singles in her Grammy-winning career, singing about funeral processions, cheating husbands, and satisfactory revenge. With her newest single 'See You Again,' the powerhouse vocalist has completely shifted gears, saying she is relieved to have an uplifting, positive single.

The touching song, which is an inspirational message for fans who have lost a loved one, is anything but dark or vengeful. Underwood tells reporters with a laugh, "I have been saying, since 'See You Again' came out, I’m so happy, I have a positive message!"

Her newest offering is certainly positive, and it's definitely more reminiscent of who Underwood seems like in reality. But, that doesn't mean the singer wants to cross the edgier songs from her repertoire. "I love having songs with attitude. I love getting onstage and rocking out," she says (according to Country Weekly), adding, "I don’t have a violent streak in me, but I sing like I do." It seems that those types of songs give the gorgeous star an outlet to act in a way she would only dream of in real life.

When the time comes to switch from her skintight black leather mentality into a more ethereal mindset, Underwood welcomes the change, saying, "It’s so nice to have something that does have a positive message. It feels good."

She really does shine at both types of songs, as her emotional and heartfelt side was portrayed beautifully at the 2013 CMT Awards, but she's always ready to don black gloves and a short black dress to give the audience a different side of her music.