It takes a special kind of entertainer to be able to host the CMA Awards live for three hours. It takes even more talent to do a live production of 'The Sound of Music' for the same amount of time -- but Carrie Underwood is that special someone.

Underwood has been very busy lately trying to write her 2013 CMA Awards opening monologue with Brad Paisley while also preparing for her upcoming leading role as Maria von Trapp. The 'See You Again' singer is enjoying the musical preparations so much, she has a hard time picking a favorite song.

"Every one has its moments," she said Sunday (Nov. 3) at the CMA Awards Radio Broadcast Orientation. "I really like being around the kiddos and when we're doing stuff together, they just make me laugh. 'Do-Re-Mi' and 'The Lonely Goatherd' are the ones that are a lot of fun for me because we get to just be silly."

The country singer couldn't say enough nice things about the musical's von Trapp children. "They step up and they're such hard workers," she dishes. "It's really cool to be around people like that and the fact that we are all being super brave and doing this live. It's going to be a lot of fun. It's been a lot of fun already."

Underwood isn't letting her nerves get the best of her, but she does admit that the 47th Annual CMA Awards won't be quite as scary as the live production of 'The Sound of Music.'

"I mean, with this I'm reading a teleprompter and I got this one," Underwood said, pointing to Paisley while comparing the two live events. "I think being in kind of uncharted territory because nobody's done, or hasn't done in a very long time, what we're doing for 'The Sound of Music,' so I think that will be a a bit more nerve-racking."

'The Sound of Music’ will air Dec. 5 on NBC at 8PM ET. The 2013 CMA Awards air Nov. 6 on ABC at 8PM ET.