Carrie Underwood is inching closer and closer to her performance as Maria von Trapp in NBC's live adaptation of 'The Sound of Music,' set to air this holiday season. 

During a cute and candid chat with Amy Poehler and Ryan Seacrest before the 2013 Emmys, Underwood spoke about her nerves and learning lines, all the while comically avoiding discussion of politics and religion with comedienne Poehler.

Underwood expressed her "concerns" about doing live television, saying, "It's three hours of live TV. I got to memorize lines. I don't know how you guys do it!"

Poehler joked that cue cards help, and then pretended to goad Underwood into talking about uncomfortable topics like religion and politics, further peppering the discussion with swear words. But the country starlet played along with the joke and sidestepped those topics gracefully.

Even though learning lines is new for her and has a degree of difficulty, Underwood shares, "They have such respect for the whole project, everyone who's working on it ... I've never had to memorize lines before. I've never had to really buckle down."

She also pointed out that this is the musical version of 'The Sound of Music,' so it will be different than the familiar film.

The singer is relocating to Manhattan very soon in order to immerse herself fully into the production. "I move to New York in like a week, so it's going to be crazy," she spills. "I'm going to be there for a couple months."

Underwood will settle into the Big Apple and hunker down for 'The Sound of Music,' which premieres on Dec. 5.