At PS22 in Staten Island, a chorus of mega-talented 5th graders earns a music credit by putting on their own renditions of hit songs. Led by their instructor, piano player Gregg Breinberg, the adolescent kiddos have sang songs by everyone from Katy Perry to Adele to our own country music gem Carrie Underwood. Recently, PS22 gave Underwood's 'Blown Away' the special treatment.

For their 'Blown Away' cover, the famed choir was led by a talented young lady named Allison. Hitting every note perfectly, Allison sang each verse to the title track of Underwood's latest album while the choir chimed in to harmonize at the chorus. It's not easy to sing on par with the country star's larger-than-life voice, but Allison seemed to hit every mark. Look out, country music stars! This young lady could give you a run for your money in a few years.

The last time PS22 sang one of the country queen's songs, she showed up in person to meet the kids and sing a duet of 'Good Girl' with them. After the performance, the star joked, “I think myself and everyone else in the music industry right now needs to be worried, because they’re getting older, and so you guys are going to put us all out of a job!”

It looks like the PS22 choir likes Underwood so much that they just had to sing one of her songs again. But the 'Blown Away' hitmaker isn't the only country star who has received props from the 5th grade chorus. Last month, the students sang Jerrod Niemann's 'Shinin' on Me' with a little help from the country star himself.

Even though Underwood couldn't sing with the choir this time around, we're confident that she was 'Blown Away' by their talent once again -- she even shared their video on Twitter!