If you look hard enough, you can definitely find some strange things here in Colorado. A man that spends a lot of his time doing what he calls 'urban exploration' stumbled upon a strange structure near the Colorado Springs area that has been dubbed the 'Cave to Hell.'

A Man-Made Cave

While the name would suggest that the cave would be a naturally occurring hole in a mountain or a rock formation, the 'Cave to Hell' is actually a small, man-made structure.

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On Top of a Hill

The 'Cave to Hell' is barely visible from the road below, but the urban explorer was able to spot it while driving by and climbed the mountainside to check it out.

Littered with Graffiti

When checking out the cave, it's quite apparent that the urban explorer was not the first person to check it out, as it is littered with graffiti. Eerily, much of the graffiti is satanic in nature.

Tunnels to Hell are a popular urban legend, like this tunnel near Terre Haute, Indiana.

Take a virtual tour of Colorado's Cave to Hell:

Man Stumbles Upon 'Cave to Hell' in Colorado

 A Colorado man stumbled upon a strange man-made structure with the words ‘Cave to Hell’ written on the entrance.

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