This year will be the first Thanksgiving that Lynn and the Hartley family spend without her son Sergeant Preston Hartley who passed away in April as a result of PTSD.

As Lynn explains in the video above from KCENTV, she hopes to create a scholarship fund to help Veterans with PTSD train their animals to become service dogs.

She's remembering her son this holiday season and trying to help others at the same time. Preston joined the Army after 9/11, but it was after his second tour of duty with the 1st Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood that something changed. Lynn said her son felt he no longer knew where his home was anymore. He began to self-medicate according to the original story and passed away in April of this year.


Our hearts go out to his family as we all approach Thanksgiving. If you would like to help Lynn with the memorial fund she has set up you can do so by visiting this link. Her memorial fund for Preston will be dedicated to helping other Veterans with PTSD link up with therapy dogs.

Lynn will lay a wreath for her son the weekend after Thanksgiving at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery.

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