Temple's First Baptist Church hosted their "First Blessing" event and handed out new shoes this weekend to over 400 children in time for Christmas.

Esber Solario told KWTX, “I really don’t have any money right now to buy them shoes, so for them to give new shoes in a way like this, it means a lot." Esber was in line to get shoes for his 3-year-old son.

First Baptist Church pastor Evan Duncan told KWTX, “It just becomes a way to share the love in Christmas time and that’s what we are all about here. We’ve been so loved by Christ so we want to share that love with the community and this one way we can do it."

First Blessing is an event that happens in churches throughout Texas ahead of the Christmas holiday. By the end of the year, they provide new shoes for about 2000 kids in Texas.

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