New to Central Texas is the 52,000 square foot facility known as "The Range"!

It's a brand new gun range that opened February 1st in Austin. With all the extras waiting inside you'll be able to see why The Range likes to think of itself as more of a "Guntry Club".

The video above shows off this upscale choice for gun enthusiasts of all skill levels. The instructors at the Range are also ready to help you discover new firearms with literally something for everyone. Booking time at the Range allows visitors to try out several different handguns, shotguns, and silencers with a trainer or on your own. There is even an on-site gunsmith for cleaning and adjusting your firearm when you visit.

New shooters and female shooters are encouraged to visit the Range. It's about $30 dollars per hour for all skill levels. The real draw here is the premier membership which features access to the cigar bar, VIP locker room, conference rooms, and private parking and entrances.

The Range also offers certification for concealed handgun permits. The facility is located just South of downtown Austin off of the I-35 frontage road near William Cannon Drive.

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