We've all got our favorite game show don't we? Some of us love Wheel Of Fortune, others may love the trivia part of Jeopardy. Personally, I've always loved the game of chance that is Press Your Luck.

But for many, there was one game show that we all remember, mainly for the host. The name is The Price Is Right. Many of us grew up watching the show, guessing prices along with contestants, and maybe even attending the show in person if given the chance.

The one host we all remember vividly growing up was Bob Barker. His wit, combined with his style, led to us remember him even after he retired from the show. His passing left us sad, but reminiscing about watching the show, whether while sick or perhaps in the passing at work.

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Now, as we all gather and think about his hosting, the tributes have been pouring in, and Central Texas isn't standing by.

One Faithful Night In While Driving In Central Texas

While I was out on the roadways in Texas, I noticed while stopped at a spotlight, an electronic billboard switching between ads. As I was driving way, I thought I saw a split second of Bob Barker's face. Wanting to know if I wasn't seeing things, I turned around, parked my vehicle, and watched as indeed, a picture of Bob Barker was in full sight:

TSM Thomas Paradiso
TSM Thomas Paradiso

As I stood there in the Texas night, I remembered watching the show as young Paradise, thinking about how I could make as much an impact as he did on media as whole. How much joy he brought to people across the nation.

The most important item I thought thought was...did he know how many people loved him? Honestly, there were too many that he probably couldn't meet them all.

Thankfully, for us, we'll always have videos of people going absolutely crazy when he stepped on that stage, especially his last show ever:

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