We've all been at the point in our lives where one certain food item will just hit that spot. Whether it be a food or a drink, all of us have that one item that is sure to either make us feel better or able to hold us over until we get a proper meal. And we always have a way to get our favorite food item don't we?

For some of us, we just get it from a store. Others decide to grab it from a simpler place, a vending machine. But there's one thing that might not cross your mind when buying said item:

Is This Item Still Good?

All things considered, it's not something we think about regularly. You always assume that the item in question will be edible. But that item has been sitting in a machine for potentially a while right? Could the item that you get potentially be...expired?

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Hopefully it isn't right? Someone has to be able to see when an item is expired and take it out before it ends up in the hands of an individual right? Well unfortunately, it looks like for once, an item someone bought in Texas recently was expired.

The Moment In Question

At our station building, we have a vending machine. After one of our workers bought a soft drink and taking a sip, he stated it tasted rather weird. As it turns out, the drink in question expired in March of 2020! And it wasn't the only one either as you see in the photo.

So hopefully, this doesn't happen to you!

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