Remember the High School Slam Book back in the day.  You passed it around rating your fellow students.  Some of the comments were very unkind.   Imagine passing the book around the U.S., rating each state.     Well, Business Insider did that, sort of.  They got  SurveyMonkey Audience to ask Americans how they felt about other states.  1603 people responded, the answers could not be their own states.

Brace yourself, the least favorite state was Texas.  It was also the state that most respondents would you like to see kicked out of America! They are just jealous, right?

WalterHickey/BI,Poll SurveyMonkey

California was the top pick for favorite state, it also had the hottest residents.  The ugliest went to Alabama .

The most arrogant state was New York, followed by California and Texas

Take a look at some of the other results.:

Best Food:  New York.  It just beat California, Louisiana, Texas, Maine, and Illinois.

Worst Food:  Alaska.  It's followed by Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, and Florida.

The Drunkest state was  Louisiana.  It beat out Florida, California, Nevada, Texas, and New York.

Rudest:  New York got almost half the vote.  The rest of the top five are New Jersey, California, Texas, and Massachusetts.  The Nicest state was Georgia.

The Smartest state award goes to  Massachusetts, the Dumbest was Mississippi.

Best Sports Fans are in New York,  just ahead Texas.  The rest of the top five are Illinois, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.  But get this,  the Worst Sports Fans are also New York.

Business Insider has all the results in Map form. You have to know your states to figure out who won.   Good luck with that Alabama or is that Mississippi?

Walter Hickey/BI,Poll by SurveyMonkey