A recent article from phys.org states that a couple of University of Texas students and one Texas Tech student discovered some fossils in Big Bend National Park while conducting some research.

This was in the 1980s, so not too long after dinosaurs roamed the Lone Star State (from a paleontological perspective, anyway). Still, the bones were in such poor condition they couldn't identify what it was. Well, after years of studies the fossils have been identified as belonging to a brand new species named Aquilarhinus palimentus (trust me I can't say it, didn't even try to spell it, used the ol' copy and paste).

This dinosaurs duck-billed nose may seem unique, but according to the University of Texas that was an extremely common feature on Texas dinos. They are herbivores too, so the millennial vegans can relate. Other dinos were keto so something for everyone I guess.

I don't often think of dinosaurs roaming Texas, but that's a cool thought. Alright, Hollywood here's my pitch:  next Jurrasic Park set in Texas. Chris Pratt can do the cowboy role well.

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