An unusual thing happened this last weekend, my wife was off on a Sunday.  Seizing this opportunity, we got up and showered and dressed and headed out for a Sunday Family breakfast.  Since my wife perpetually has her phone in her hand looking at the internet, she searched for good breakfast places and found this cafe on hwy 1431.  So we loaded up the beast (my daughter) and off we went.

Rowdy Original - B106

Sitting down I saw two things on the menu that I have never tried before and in an adventurous mode, I selected both an appetizer and entree that would both be a first for me.  For our appetizer this particular cafe had a true Texas original...  Chicken Fried Bacon!

Not bad, definitely not something that you would eat every day, but overall it was tasty.  For my breakfast meal I chose something that I had heard about

Rowdy Original - B106

many many times but never been somewhere that it was offered that I noticed.  I chose the chicken and waffles for my main  course.  It was served with butter, two things of syrup and a little thing of white gravy.  I didn't know how to prepare them so I just buttered the waffle, cut up the chicken a little bit and poured the syrup and gravy over the top and dug in.  Not bad at all.

Every once in a while you just have to try something new.