I asked around work today, mainly to parents, at what point do children start developing their personality.  One person said that a child is born with there personality.  What you mean to ask is when do children develop their character.  Is there a difference?

Oh, I guess should preface this with, "comments written are not necessarily those of this station and it's advertisers. Read on at own risk." I mean a child is born helpless.  All it does for the first few years is cry and poop.  They can’t communicate on a speaking level, but they soon realize that if they cry after they poop the overseers will bring forth clean garments.  Did any of your children give you a “change me” cry, and then not need to be changed?  Did they do it just so they could see you?  Is this first sign of “manipulation”?

I tried to read up on the subject, but since I have no vested interest in learning it, the "larger" than average words put me to sleep.  The last words I remember are “the psychodynamic approach….snorrrrreeeeee!  OH! Sorry.

It’s too bad children are human.  If they weren't we could experiment on them.  You know, give them a big dose of negativity at age 1.  Then pop out another kid and give that one a big dose of positive reinforcement at age 1, and then see how they turn out.  I think that’s what Adam & Eve did.  Then, at a certain age, you can teach one of them Christianity and the other Islam.  Too make that experiment really interesting, since children develop their accents by the sounds of their friends, have the Christian child surrounded by children that have a "middle eastern" accent, and the Islam child surrounded by kids from the deep south.  Imagine the greeting As-salam alaykum spoken in a strong southern accent.

I know that sounds really horrible, and part of me can't believe i wrote it, but the another part would be truly entertained during the holidays.  I really wonder at what point did this side of my personality develop?

Michael Behan Photos

I found an old picture of myself awhile back and I noticed something.

Michael Behan Photos

At an early age I had the same smirk that I have now.  Too bad I can’t remember what my parents said before they snapped the picture of me.

Something to think about even if you're not a parent.  I mean being and Aunt or Uncle can really be fun too.  For example. "Hey, the next time your Mom tells you "no", don't throw a fit, just say really loudly, "jeez Mom, all I've ever done for you is love you, and now you won't let me have a Snickers?  Real nice Mom!"