The stakes are high, but one party is much more knowledgable about college football than the other. "Hangin' On" singer Chris Young — who studies the sport — visited the Taste of Country Nights studio to compete against a woman who makes picks based on mascots.

Oh no, we're not kidding. Taste of Country Nights producer Amber Atnip faced off against Young to bet on three important college football games this weekend (Nov. 3) and decided to play for Porter, Young's dog. OK, if he loses he only has to let Atnip take him for a day, and he can totally trust that she'll give him back, right?

RIGHT?! (nervous laughter)

They chose the weekend's top game, a Big 10 match between MSU and Maryland, and another that pits Iowa against Perdue. There will be a clear winner come Saturday night. You'll have to tune in Monday night to learn who has dibs on Porter.

University of Alabama vs. LSU

Producer Amber: Usually I just ask what colors and then pick.

Chris Young: Where is it at? Is it a night game?

PA: I used to date a guy who cheered for LSU and he was pretty terrible so I’m gonna say Alabama.

CY: You can’t pick against Alabama this year ... The biggest gap I have ever seen with one team over everybody else, and I say that as a Texas fan.

Both pick University of Alabama.

Michigan State University vs. University of Maryland

PA: They're the turtles? I'm gonna go with the Spartans because I'm not rooting for turtles.

CY: It's in East Lansing? I feel like we're just copying each other but I'm also going to go for Michigan State.

Both Pick MSU.

University of Iowa vs. Perdue

PA: The what versus the Hawkeyes?

CY: (sighs) I haven't gone against you yet so I feel like I need to make at least one pick that's different.

Amber picks Iowa, Young picks Perdue. 

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