Chris Young spent part of Thursday (Aug. 15) in the intensive care unit of a hospital near Denver, Colo., but by nightfall he'd been moved to a normal room, where he is on the mend. Throughout the last 24 hours, the 'Aw Naw' singer has been tweeting to fans ... and Brad Paisley.

The tone of his tweets indicate that Young isn't too concerned about the mystery leg infection that landed him in an ambulance on Wednesday. He began Thursday by apologizing to fans for canceling four performances, and finished the day letting Twitter followers know what his medical team was doing to get him right. "Ok last message before more antibiotics, it's not a Pic line... It's a direct line in my jugular. #youdontwantone #trustme," Young tweeted.

"@ChrisYoungMusic Have em mix a little single barrel in with the antibiotic," Paisley wrote to the singer early Friday morning. Young is currently on Paisley's Beat This Summer Tour. Earlier, the headliner joked that if the 28-year-old didn't come back soon, his fans would revolt.

Country Weekly reported on Thursday that Young was moved out of ICU to a normal hospital room. The singer has pulled out of all performances through Aug. 17. The original statement indicated he'd be back on the road for his Aug. 21 show in California. No explanation as to what caused the infection has been provided.

Update: The Tennessean reports that Young fell ill on an airplane Tuesday night and was taken from the airport to the hospital. His mother Becky Harris and guitarist Kevin Collier are by his side. Harris says her son is feeling better and walking around.