KCENTV.com is reporting that the city of Killeen is coming up way short on the bill for its summer road construction projects.

There is no shortage of road projects throughout Killeen that need attention this summer. For years the city has hired the Transmap firm to help the plan for the cost of road construction. Sometimes they follow the firm's recommendations, and then sometimes 2018 happens.

When planning for 2018 Transmap told Killeen it would likely need upwards of $2 Million dollars for roadwork projects. What did the city do? They budgeted $500,000 dollars for it. So on Tuesday of this week, the city council saw a presentation that said Killeen would only be able to cover about 25% of the cost of the city's road construction plans for the summer. So what to do? Well, the city is gonna shell out another $48,000 for another road construction study. WTH?

Brace yourself because what's coming may end up being passed along to property owners. Yup, it could be that a street fee and an impact fee is about to be passed along to Killeen property owners to pay for all the road work.

The city council will get back together next month to review the study. Hilary Shine says they are not considering any other funding options at this time. Offta!

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