Six winning seasons just wasn't enough.

Head Football coach Kevin Sumlin has been fired by Texas A&M. After going 51-26 for A&M, Sumlin has been released with two years left on his contract.

Sumlin began his run in 2012 with Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel as his quarterback, and the first year proved to be the best of the six. Since then, Coach Sumlin has never able to get his team back to the level they performed at during their famous 11-2 season. The team finished 4-4 in the SEC four different times during his six-year run.

The Aggies are hungry for a title and the school thinks it needs a different coach to get them there. It's an expensive goodbye for A&M as they now owe a $10.4 million dollar buy-out to Sumin which must be paid in full in the next 60 days according to ESPN. The video above was shared by KCENTV. 

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