It is an unprecedented time for Texans. With the temperatures fluctuating, and it affecting many individuals some many end up getting sick. Some simply deal with the symptoms, while others seek some type of medicine to alleviate the feelings.

Unfortunately, for some in Central Texas, it may be more difficult than expected to find relief. As it turns out, due to various factors, certain medication is going to be harder to obtain.

Texas' Current Predicament, The "Tripledemic"

According to KWTX, while COVID-19 has weakened in strength, other diseases have popped back up in full force. Cases of RSV are on the rise, and the cold and flu season has grown in strength. When they spoke to a family medicine physician located in Waco, Tim Martindale he stated that because COVID has lessened in power, the other diseases mentioned have a better chance of infecting individuals.

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The physician also told the news organization that residents, instead of going to doctors for diagnosis, are diagnosing themselves and going to stores to grab the medication they believe they need.

So how does Texas combat the short supply of medicine?

Tips From The Medical Professional

Martindale simply stated that instead of self-diagnosis, residents should go to a doctor. Others could go to a less known pharmacy for medication, or simply just wait for more medicine to arrive in stores.

So long story short, it looks like we'll have to be smarter around each other during this rough flu season. Wash those hands everybody!

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