Cole Swindell follows a few celebrities on Twitter, and it blows his Georgia peach-loving mind when they @ him back. The "Break Up in the End" singer recently shared his favorites — it's an eclectic mix.

"If you would have told me as a kid a Major League Baseball player liked my music, I would have freaked out," Swindell admits. But it's not just any baseball player, it's two-time American League MVP Mike Trout, who could go down as one of the best to ever play the game.

"The fact he knows my music is mind-blowing," Swindell says.

NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney is another athlete Swindell has followed and befriended. The 35-year-old admits he gets his news and sports updates from Twitter often. Or, he just stays entertained by part-time comedians like Blake Shelton.

"I wish sometimes I could say the stuff he does and get away with it," Swindell says, admitting that he's tweeted at his labelmate but (thankfully) hasn't gotten a response.

One of the most handsome men in Hollywood and one of the best modern country music singers are two more Swindell follows. The latter follows him back which — as you can see — makes him a bit giddy. Swindell has been particularly active on Twitter and Instagram during the last several weeks, as his new album All of It dropped on Aug. 17.

His third studio album to date features the single "Break Up in the End" as well as "Dad's Old Number," a song that will touch anyone who has lost a parent. There are also quite a few feel-good rowdy songs, as one would expect from the "Chillin' It" hitmaker. His Reason to Drink ... Another Tour will begin in October.

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