What would make you want to move out of the town you're living in? Crime? Neighbors? Herpes? How about snakes?

Just south of Abilene where highways 84, 153, 283, and 206 all meet up is the town of Colman, Texas. Well, Tuesday night Colman went dark. The whole city suffered a blackout.

No, it wasn't a terrorist attack. No storms. No teenagers with rifles aiming at converters. It was because of snakes at a relay station. Yes, snakes.

Somehow those slithering bastards got off a plane and landed in Colman, Texas.

One of our transmitter sights was home to a few families of rattlers a while back. One of the baby's "crossed the stream" as it were and we went off the air. It seems snakes are born with the power to kill, but not the power to avoid power cables.

Personally, I would stay in town even if I had bad neighbors, crime was bad, and the herp was rampant, but snakes? No sir, I'm done. I'm taking my condoms and leaving town. That's what Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn done did. Smart man.

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