One of the largest gun magazine manufacturers in the United States will soon set up shop in Texas in response to a new gun laws in Colorado.

Magpul Industries, based in Erie, CO, announced Thursday that it will be moving operations to Texas and Wyoming. The company’s production, distribution and shipping operations will move to Cheyenne, WY, while its corporate headquarters will move to Texas.

"Excessive government regulation undermines a culture based on personal responsibility and creates a detrimental business environment," Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said Thursday. "Texas supports personal freedoms and our company will thrive in that environment."

The company vowed last year to make the move after the Democratic-led Colorado Legislature and Governor John Hickenlooper enacted a new law that prohibits the sale of gun magazines with more than 15 rounds. That and several other gun laws were passed in response to mass shootings at an Aurora, CO movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT in 2012. Such legislation led to the successful recall of two Democratic state senators and the resignation of a third.

The company said an exact location for the new corporate headquarters has not yet been determined, but it will likely be located in north-central Texas. Magpul representatives are working with Texas Governor Rick Perry and state economic development officials to complete the move.