A decision that wasn't made lightly with members of staff staying up in the waking hours of night, we'd first like to thank everyone who participated in our Christmas On Us contest, but more importantly those who practiced and nurtured the spirit of giving within our communities. There were was an outpouring of people who nominated their co-workers, neighbors, church members and family members who all deserve to be recognized for their spirit despite wrestling with the heartaches of real life.

With that in mind we'd like to congratulate our Grand Prize winner, the Camacho family - a family of two parents, Kimberly and Dwayne, and 8 children, which includes a precious 9-month old Brianna (pictured) whom some of our staffers could not put down. The nominator (who asked to remain anonymous to the public) shared a wonderful story, describing the Camachos as "spiritual people who live by the idea that if it was put in front of them than God had sent it to them".

With three biological children, two adopted kids from being former foster parents, and three foster children whom they love, the Camachos embody the spirit of giving their all.

This is a blessing. You know, we make it work and it gets tight around the holidays but we move things around. The kids don't expect much from Christmas but they know what it is. I've been praying, asking God to make sure they're taken care of.

Kimberly was certainly holding back tears, not unlike how the person who nominated them sounded when we called to obtain more information about the winner, further demonstrating the impact one can make just by giving and thinking about one another.

Everyone has something going on in their lives and God had a plan. He had a plan that this person who nominated us would be our Santa. This is truly a blessing. Thank you.


Shai Fairley

The decision was so difficult, we had six more winners who each received $150 Gift Cards to H-E-B, all with stories equally gripping.

  • Bob and Pat Winters spend their time making dolls with clothes and create huge gift boxes for children that include costumes.
  • Malcolm Watkins dropped everything from New York to take care of his sons in Copperas Cove after their mother was tragically taken in an auto accident.
  • Joseph Arnold picked up his ex-wife's children from out of state after their mother's unfortunate passing.
  • Daughter Destiny Fairley wrote the most beautiful letter we received, highlighting the strength of her single mother, Shai who picked up the slack for everyone around her. "She is the loving mother of not just my sister and I, but the many children who had no one to turn to."
  • Adam Horneff, a soldier stationed in Fort Hood with his wife experiencing Christmas for the first time without their families.
  • TaNeika Driver-Moultry and her husband Calvin who mentors at-risk boys at Manor, Willow Springs and Gateway Alternative. The family volunteers at HEB Feast of Sharing every year, 7 years running.
Adam Horneff