Nine year old Gabrielle Garcar was selling lemonade in front of her grandmother's Ohio home, to earn money for a new tablet. Her family couldn't afford one, and she would probably have to sell lemonade every day, all summer to make enough money, but so be it. 

Her lemonade was going for 50 cents a cup, so you know it was going to take a long time. Next thing you know a sheriff's deputy pulls up to her lemonade stand.  No, he did not shut her down, he bought some lemonade and paid 3 dollars for it!


Deputy Zach Ropos chatted with Gabrielle. She told him all about her plans. He learned she wanted an iPad to play math games and for school work.

The deputy was pretty  impressed with the little girl's determination and he wanted to help. That 3 dollars was just the start.

Deputy Ropos had an old iPad at home, he decided to give it to Gabrielle. But when he went home to check it out, Ropos found the iPad didn't work right anymore. So he bought Gabrielle a brand new tablet. He gave it to her the next day. She was very happy and so was her Mom. Mom told Deputy Ropos that Gabrielle had just offered some of her lemonade money to put gas in the car.


deputy gives ipad to girl
Photo Courtesy of Lake County Sheriff's Department


A photo of the moment was posted on the Lake County Sheriff's Department’s Facebook page. The picture received more than 130,000 likes and has been shared over 30,000 times. Deputy Ropos doesn't want any praise, he told, "I really didn't want all the media attention, I just wanted to see the smile on a little girl's face and that was worth a million dollars to me, so that's why I did it."






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