Texas during the holiday season just has to show out in style doesn't it? Everywhere you go it seems you see houses with a multitude of lights, all the inflatables that potentially cause stress on the Texas Power Grid, and most importantly, some very large and tall trees to place all the ornaments you want on them.

Makes sense that Texas is certainly high on the festive celebrations list. But it isn't just the lights shining bright this season, other various events brighten the holiday spirit. Holiday plays and skits are definitely in style during this time of year, and yes, some go very big with their acting.

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So with that being said, let's take a look at one place that is celebrating in this best way possible, Texas style.

Corpus Christi With The Celebration Of The Year?

On Tik Tok, some have come across a video showing a celebration that many wouldn't expect:

We have to admit, this is something we didn't see on our Christmas bingo card. First off, this makes me think that a marching band is about to walk out on stage with those drums they're playing. Second, they're flying and playing at the same time.

This does beg the main question though...where does this fit in the main celebration? It's not like there's a point in any Christmas song, besides 12 Days Of Christmas of course, that requires floating drummers.

But we ask you, is this too much or not enough for a holiday celebration? Let us know on our FREE station app using the chat feature!

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