Green eyes, green tractors and green grass ... Country music is some of the greenest music you can find, going all the way back to Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash, up to modern hitmakers such as Blake Shelton and Jake Owen. Whether it's John Deere green or the dark green eyes of a cowgirl, green is the color of luck and love and all that is right in the country.

No need to fear St. Patrick's Day pinches -- with this lineup, you're in luck! Scroll down to hear 10 great country songs that mention the color green.

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    "Green Grow the Lilacs"

    Johnny Cash

    Cash delivers this sweet and slow ode to long-lost love in the resonating style that only he can. The lilacs grow green in this throwback waltz, but the Man in Black hopes to change them out ...

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    Blake Shelton

    In this Shelton track, the "country-boy prognosticator" is green in more ways than you can imagine, but he's no amateur. He was green before green was a thing!

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    "8 Second Ride"

    Jake Owen

    In this rowdy romp, Owen is fixated on a dark green-eyed beauty -- and it's gonna be one heck of a ride.

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    "Bowling Green"

    Glen Campbell

    "A man in Kentucky / Sure is lucky / To love down in Bowling Green ...," sings Campbell. The grass might be blue in this Southern state, but Bowling Green is nigh unto heaven in this tune.

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    "Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia"

    Emmylou Harris

    Harris' ode to those titular green rolling hills of West Virginia paints a picture of Appalachia in all its splendor -- and all its trouble. "The green rolling hills of West Virginia / Are the nearest thing to heaven that I know," she sings. "Though the times are sad and drear / And I cannot linger here / They'll keep me and never let me go ..."

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    "She's More"

    Andy Griggs

    If you were a country music fan and loved a girl with green eyes in the late '90s, this was your song! Griggs' green-eyed girl became the poster child of country romance at the turn of the 21st century.

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    "Big Green Eyes"

    Alan Jackson

    Jackson knows a thing or two about a love song, and about girls with big green eyes. The country icon penned this track in 2010, for not only Denise, his wife of 30 years (at that time), but also for all three of their daughters, who have big green eyes just like their mama.

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    "Big Green Tractor"

    Jason Aldean

    Aldean's "Big Green Tractor" takes country loving to the next level -- or to the next row, as it were. There's no doubt, we think his (big green) tractor's sexy.

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    "Where the Green Grass Grows"

    Tim McGraw

    "Well, I'm from / A map dot / A stop sign on the blacktop ..." This McGraw hit takes listeners out of the city, to where life is good: The corn pops up in rows, he's got his love by his side ... and, yes, the grass grows green.

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    "John Deere Green"

    Joe Diffie

    Diffie's Top 5 1993 hit is the definitive green song in country music. It was also likely responsible for quite a bit of watertower graffiti.

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