A robbery suspect in Dallas didn't know who he was messing with when he reportedly tried to hold up a 7-Eleven clerk with a screwdriver. WFAA-TV reports that the clerk was an experienced cowboy, and managed to tie the assailant up.

An early morning robbery turned out much different than one Dallas crook expected when he entered a 7-Eleven in Central Oak Cliff armed with a screwdriver on Wednesday.

The call came into police about 1 a.m. from the 1100 block of West Kiest Boulevard and South Polk Street.  Officers arrived to find the clerk standing over the robber who was hog-tied on the floor. The guy working the overnight shift was a cowboy from West who was not about to get robbed on his watch. When the robber entered the store and tried to stab the clerk, the clerk reached for his rope. (Every cowboy always has a rope nearby. Even the ones at 7-Eleven.)

The cops said the clerk did such a good job at tying up the robber that they had to use a knife to cut the robber lose in order to arrest the man. The cowboy clerk suffered minor injuries in the scuffle. If only more cowboys could work 3rd shift maybe we would see a dip in local crime.

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