Over twelve vehicles parked in the Three Creeks Subdivision in Belton were broken into between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Police are hoping that home security cameras in the subdivision can help shed some light on who exactly broke into the vehicles.  Bell County Assistant Deputy Chief Sheriff Major T.J. Cruz told KWTX News 10 that, "The main focus in on Abergavenny, Cicero Drive and Dauphin drives." He also asked residents to specifically review their home security camera footage from 12 a.m. on Tuesday to around 4 a.m. on Tuesday.

If you live in the Three Creeks Subdivision in Belton police are asking residents with home security video to contact the Bell County Sheriff's Department at 254-933-5435. Tell them you are calling about the "Three Creek" burglaries and they'll be right with you.

After hours the Bell County Sheriff's department can be reached at 254-933-5412.

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