My one and only cruise ship experience was an absolute blast. Until spring of 2020 I'd have hopped on another one in a heartbeat. Today? Not so much.

It appears I'm not the only one wary of spending time on a floating bubble of humanity headed for exotic ports. The cruise ship industry has been impacted harder than most by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and they're doing everything they can to get people to schedule a trip onboard.

According to a CNN story, cruise ship companies based in Singapore are offering trips to nowhere. The idea is that everyone onboard, from passengers to crew to onboard entertainment, are carefully screened and tested to be COVID-19 negative before being allowed to board.

Capacity is also reduced to 50% so there will be plenty of space to spread out on the Lido Deck and enjoy the fresh, ocean air.

Once away from the port of departure the ship will sail around but not make port anywhere else. Not only does that mean no opportunities for shore excursions, but it also means no opportunities for viruses to get onto the ship. The ship will return to its port of departure at the end of the cruise.

The World Dream will be the first to embark on this cruise to nowhere on November 6th, with the Quantum of the Seas scheduled to set sail sometime in December. Pricing for these cruises has not yet been made public.

The cruise lines are hoping that even though many international borders remain closed, people are ready to get out and do something fun if they can do so with safety and confidence.

If these cruises to nowhere do well in Singapore it's a sure bet that you'll see similar packages made available from other ports around the world.

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