Back in 2008, residents in Daisetta, Texas were alerted to an impending natural disaster known as a sinkhole. According to The Week, the town sits on top of a precarious area. The town was built upon a salt dome.

The Week went into further detail about the town, stating that this wasn't the first sinkhole the town has dealt with. The first two opened in 1969 and 1981. This most recent one in 2008 has many worried, but it's growth subsided.

However, recently the sinkhole has begun to grow again, and the rapid growth has many in the town worried if more destruction will be caused.

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Concerns Regarding The Dairetta Sinkhole

ABC 13 has more details about the growth:

As it stands at the time of writing, ABC 13 reports the massive hole has grown in both in size and depth. The last report states that both areas gained 150 feet in their respective components. The unfortunate part of the current situation is that nothing can be done to stop the increasing complication.

The Fire Marshal of Liberty County, Erskin Holcomb, told ABC 13 that "Sinkholes are extremely unpredictable. It can take a week to move one foot, or it can crumble 20 feet overnight."

At the time of writing, no residents of the town have been ordered to evacuate due to the increase in size. But ABC 13, when talking to some of the residents, discovered some have already began preparations in case they are told to leave.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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