The guy who lead Dallas Police on a high speed chase never thought things would end up this way, slapped around by a pair of citizens before the police can get to him. The crash and citizen take down was caught by an NBC News 5 helicopter.



Two citizens ripped the driver from his car and slammed him on the pavement, after the man, a robbery suspect, crashed into their vehicle.


According to KXAS, a 13-year-old passenger from the van was taken to the hospital, he was treated and released.

You can see the kid flop down on the sidewalk, after his mom hopped out to get the person who hit her van. She was the first one to get to him, she was not scared.  She continued to yell at the guy after the police handcuffed him.  She was mad.



While police appreciate the citizen help, they advise you not to try this at home!